Affiliated Facilities

Nestled in the cove of Davenport neck, our well marked channel is wide, deep, and offers worry free navigation. As the sunsets and the amber dock lights illuminate each slip, the true beauty of our safe and tranquil harbor are amplified and its serenity can truly be appreciated. Even on the windiest of days, the ghostly still harbor provides a safe haven for dock comradery or sharing a romantic dinner under the stars with a loved one.

The Locations

  • While each of our facilities offers a clean, safe, and community atmosphere, they all have their own distinct combination of accommodations.
    • The Imperial Yacht Club, our world class facility, has revolutionized the industry and offers its members more than just a parking space and a slip. It’s a hybrid resort/marina experience.
    • Towndock Marina offers all of the traditional marina amenities at reduced rates.
    • Our exclusive facility, Icard, offers seclusion, privacy, and four slips for vessels up to 80 feet.

When we asked John Giacobbe, Sr. what he likes most about the location of his marinas, he responded:

 “One of the greatest things about our locations is natural breakwater protection that Davenport Neck offers. Over my 40 years here, I’ve watched it tame even the fiercest nor’easters – with ease. I can remember walking the docks and during the storm of 1992 with my son, John, to ensure that the vessels under our care were safe and secure. The winds were so strong that we had to hold onto each other to keep from being blown into the water. We added a few extra lines, tightened the slack on a few others, and we added a fender or two here and there. It was pretty uneventful.The next morning, however, when we drove our competitor’s yards we were amazed at what we saw. Boats were blown ashore, lines were broken, and docks were mangled. If our facilities weren’t located in the best harbor on the Sound, our customers would have suffered the same damage.A great example of our harbor versus theirs can be seen by watching the storm video in the video vault located at the top of this page.”

Our customers enjoy their boats more than boaters at other facilities because:

  1. we are 5 minutes from the mouth of the harbor,
  2. our harbor is always calm so having a glass of wine in the aft cockpit is always an option, and
  3. you will always an excuse to leave work early and go to the club.

Accessing the Marina

  • When it comes time to head home, we’re conveniently located minuets from I-95 and the Hutchison River Parkway. Whether you’re a NYC or Stamford commuter, we’re less than 5 minutes from the New Rochelle train station and bus terminal and 20 minutes from New York City, White Plains, Stamford, and Greenwich.


ICARD Marina
Town Dock Marina

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